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Business Models, We Offer To Our Clients

The Dedicated Employee Model

Hiring a dedicated employee at Virtual Experts is just like hiring a local employee. Here is how this model works:

  • Directly assign tasks you want your employee to work on.
  • The employee will adhere to all the rules and regulations set by you.
  • You can monitor and supervise the employee’s work as and when you want.
  • Our high-tech communication tools ensure seamless communication.

So, basically, you can work with the dedicated employee the way you would work with your in-house employee. It’s just that they will be working for you from a remote location.

Why should you choose this model?

Choosing the dedicated employee model means you get ample benefits like - easy collaboration, minimal risk, smooth communication, easy scaling, and a lot more. In short, it is a ready-made solution that gives you the complete benefits of being a full-time employee.

The Team Model

If you are looking for IT outsourcing services as a whole, then Team Model is the best fit for you. It is basically a tiered approach that includes a whole team of experts from project managers to developers, designers, and more. There is a designated person for each role.

Depending on the number of hours you have designated for the team, the entire team will collectively work for you. You also enjoy the flexibility to increase the number of hours when you want. All you need to do is to discuss your requirements with our team, and we’ll get things done for you.

The Team Model allows you to build your own team with a mix of professionals from different fields. What do you get?

  • With this model, you get a complete hold of the virtual team and can coordinate with the project lead to discuss the requirements.
  • You can keep a regular check on the project’s progress with daily status reports.

Why should you choose this model?

Hiring the Team Model means you get to build your remote team without any hassle of providing them with the right infrastructure, equipment, networking needs, and more. Everything is handled at our end, all you get is quality work delivered without any restriction.

Virtual Experts Role

We don’t interfere in your dealings with the employees you have hired. You can directly instruct and communicate with them to discuss all work-related things.



We provide your virtual employees with the right set of equipment that is needed to ensure smooth work functioning.


Networking Support

We ensure proper internet and networking facilities to the employees, so there is no hindrance in the work.



Our experts monitor the employees from time to time, so you don’t face any hassle in the work structure.


Transparent Communication

To maintain seamless communication with the employees, we provide open line communication through channels like - Skype, Discord, Emails, and more.


Signing NDA

We sign an NDA with the employees to keep the client’s ownership intact. This is done at the time of joining to form a solid work formation.



We have a dedicated HR department that handles employee attendance, holidays, leaves, appraisals, administration, and also takes care of employee benefits.



We take complete responsibility to take care of all the taxes relating to employment and other state laws.