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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


About Virtual Employees

Is Virtual Experts a freelancing company?

How Virtual Experts can help in my business growth?

I belong to a non-technical background. Can Virtual Experts help me find the right resource?


Hiring, Resources, and Business Model

How long does it take to hire a developer from Virtual Experts?

What if I want more developers or remove the assigned developer?

How are the skills of developers verified?


Services And Supervision

What are the system configurations that you provide to the employees?

Can you provide the remote employee with specific system requirements?

Do you follow any data protection measure?


Working With Virtual Employees

I want a developer on an urgent basis, can you arrange the same?

What if my remote employee falls sick or I simply want to get them replaced?

Can I monitor in real-time what my employees are working on?


Costs and Contracts

Who will be the owner of the work - source code and other data?

Do you sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)?

Is there any duration of termination of the contract with Virtual Experts?


No, Virtual Experts is not a freelancing company. We are a remote staffing company that allows clients to hire dedicated resources on a part-time and full-time basis.

Well, with Virtual Experts you unlock a pool of talented developers from locations across the globe. Our developers work exclusively for you and you get full control over the workflow. So, all you get is quality work and higher efficiency that too at cost-efficient prices. Surely, a bonus for the long run!

Of course! You don’t need to have a technical background to work with Virtual Experts. All our experts are highly experienced and skilled. We provide you with the best CVs of the resources that can add value to your business. Plus, you can always talk to our experts in detail to discuss your requirements and we’ll help you in the best way.

With Virtual Experts, you get a dedicated remote employee(s) who works for you, reports to you, and handles your work in a dedicated way. You can monitor their work on a daily basis and keep a track of their work to ensure that they meet all the checkpoints.

Yes. You can view our testimonials directly on our website

It hardly takes 2-3 days to complete the whole process which includes - analyzing your requirements, scrutinizing the CVs, quick interviews, and onboarding.

We always take clients' concerns quite seriously. In case you want to hire more developers or want to remove any, our experts will look into the matter and serve you with the best.

We follow a stringent procedure to analyze and verify the skills of the developers. We manually verify all the data points from different sources. After that, we also analyze their technical knowledge through Mettl and HackerEarth.

Virtual Experts offer two business models - The Dedicated Team Model and Team Model. Visit the website to know more

You can discuss your requirements with our team so we can elaborate with both the models and help you choose the right fit for your business.

Well, the cost of hiring our experts depends on several factors such as - your business requirements, skill set required, experience, time, and more. Share your requirements to get the exact price.

The Virtual Experts are there for you throughout your project journey. However, we don’t intervene in your workflow with the employee. You will discuss your business queries directly with the remote employee, he/she will update you with the project status and report to you on an everyday basis. There will be open communication channels like - Skype, Discord, Emails, Phone calls, and more. So, overall it will all be a hassle-free and seamless work journey with us. In case, you feel like talking to our support team for any query or issue, then you can feel free to discuss the same with us. We would be happy to guide you.

We are vetted by an experienced and skilled team of professionals. All our experts are brilliant in their respective fields and we proudly consider them our assets. No matter what sort of skills you are looking for in your next project, we can efficiently cater to your needs. Discuss your requirements.

Your data is safe with Virtual Experts. We take zero tolerance for data breaches and security issues. We store your data on our servers and the employees have limited access to them. Not just that, we have tracking software installed on each employee's system. So we supervise, monitor, and take care of everything in a systemized way.

Yes, we can! You can share all the required list of software and hardware that you need for your project and we’ll get the things done for you.

We take care of every piece of equipment needed by the employees. From providing a fully configured system to high-speed internet, open communication channels, and more, we handle everything at our end.

Yes, we can help you in finding the developer right away. Simply share your requirements and we’ll set you with the best resources.

Well, that’s not a problem. In case an employee falls sick or under some circumstances, you want to get the employee replaced, we will do it for you. Simply provide us with your concerns, and we will provide a good backup.

When you hire an employee at Virtual Experts, you will totally feel like you have hired an in-house employee. You get complete control over the employees. You can directly assign them tasks, get reports, and maintain open communication with them at all times. In short, you enjoy full control.

Yes. If you want to monitor employee work then we can install some software for easy time and screen tracking. It will certainly help you get a better view of workflow.

Well, that depends on the availability of the employees. In case there is an urgent need to discuss the work, then you can inform them in advance.

No, not at all! You don’t have to pay anything until you hire a remote employee for your work.

You! Yes, you get complete ownership of the work. We just help you get the work done by providing you with the right resources.

Yes, we do! We always sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client for security purposes.

Well, you can hire an employee from Virtual Experts for as long as you want. It can be a few months or a year, or more, it totally depends on you and your business requirements.

Don’t worry! If your query is not listed here then directly contact our experts and discuss your queries. We would be happy to assist you always.