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Remote Diversity Hiring: Do’s and Don’ts You Must Know


July 2022, 14


Breaking the stereotypes, the first step to creating an inclusive workplace culture is diversity hiring. Embracing different cultures, backgrounds, races, disabilities, and sexual orientations is surely a big move for any organization. 

There’s a lot that has been said and done in the light of discrimination. More than 45% of LGBTQA+ members claim that they hide their identities at the workplace to avoid any sort of discrimination or harassment. Diversity in the workplace is no more a social or moral stigma, but it has been observed that employees prefer working in organizations that prefer diverse groups, and also the companies that diversified their work cultures earn more money than their competitors. Oh yes, it’s absolutely true!

In this post, we will elaborate on how employers should hire underrepresented groups to nurture an inclusive culture in the organization. Let’s get started!

What is Diversity Hiring?

Often the hiring managers, consciously or unconsciously, discriminate against diverse individuals. Through Diversity Hiring, there are fewer or no chances of biases based on a candidate’s sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, or other personal traits. In short, it welcomes everyone with open hearts and in the future eliminates the risks of screening, sourcing, and shortlisting the applicants.

Do you know that companies that foster a diverse workforce have 20% higher revenues? Not just that, more than 70% of job seekers agree that diversity is an integral part of any workplace.

Diversity Hiring helps in several ways such as:

  • Increases employee retention and productivity.
  • Expands the company’s talent pool.
  • Fosters innovation and creativity.
  • The benefit to employer brand.

Do’s Of Remote Diversity & Inclusion Hiring

Use screening tests to eliminate bias

Screening tests play a crucial role in removing the unconscious bias that can affect your hiring process. A few common biases are - geographical bias, educational background bias, gender bias, and even affinity bias. So, to remove the biases from the hiring process, you can add a series of questions that can help you know more about the diverse backgrounds of individuals. You can also choose diverse HR professionals to interview people.

Discuss diversity policies openly

Of course, you can attract employees by promising diverse culture, but, you’ll fail miserably if you won’t stick to those promises. No employee would like to stick in a company that doesn’t show diversity efforts beyond the recruitment stage. So, when you plan on creating a diverse culture, make sure you implement diversity at all levels to retain the employee. A few things such as work flexibility, personal time off, and sexual harassment can help in making an employee feel safe and happy at the workplace.

Measure diversity in your existing workforce

Is your current team really ready to welcome a diverse work culture? Yes, it is important to know what’s going on with your current employee's minds. So, begin by assessing your team’s diversity before implementing a diverse hiring strategy. You can do this by circulating anonymous surveys to gather diverse data. These surveys can help you understand employee mindset on diversity in the workplace.

Don’ts Of Remote Diversity & Inclusion Hiring

Don’t focus only on gender and race in diversity hiring

The common mistake that organizations make is they focus only on the race or gender of individuals. The fact is that diversity encompasses several other factors such as - religious afflictions, disabilities, and sexual orientations. And, the first step to do this right is to remove the gender section from your job application forms and mention that you accept applicants from the LGBTQA+ community. It will help in extending support to the community and help everyone feel wanted.

Don’t ignore diversity hiring in your employer branding initiatives

How would an employee believe in your words, when they see no mention of diverse values in any of your job advertisements? Yes, that would be hard to believe! But, that’s not it! Organizations must state equal opportunities for diverse employees not only on job postings but also in companies' policies. It will surely help the candidate believe in your ideas of equality. For this, you also openly talk about diversity issues, share testimonies of diverse employees with prospective candidates, and encourage employees to speak up for their rights. 

Why do you need remote diversity hiring in your company?  

Well, it’s high time for organizations to realize and embrace that all are equal. Cutting down every inch of diversity differences, diverse hiring can help in fostering a happy work culture with an extended talent pool of employees.

Virtual Experts is one such company that foresters diversity hiring very strongly. We believe that every talent deserves a great chance in life regardless of any sort of discrimination. Our talent pool is not just limited to any gender but to all communities equally. 

So, if you are wanting to embrace a diverse pool of resources for your organizations then we can help you by all means. Let us know your requirements and we will help you hire the best remote resources.